1. Protect the contents of the medicine cabinet . Medicine is stolen more often than anything else. Hard narcotics and prescription drugs will sell for big money on the street, protect them by packing discreetly. Did you know that pain pills like, Codeine, Morphine or Vicodin can sell for as much as five dollars on the street and expensive perfume is impossible to trace?
  2. Inventory your sports equipment. Equipment like, surfboards, climbing gear, kayaks, quality bikes, snowboards, skiis,skates and more, are sometimes stolen by neighborhood kids as well as thieves as you prepare to move. So if you can, move your sports equipment yourself.
  3. Secure your financial information. Pack and transport bank statements,  investment info, social security numbers, bills and anything that has your personal information. Did you know that your date of birth, social security number and one credit card statement can be combined and easily be sold on the black market for as much as $1,000.00 dollars. Identity thieves are almost impossible to catch. Even more frustrating is the fact that you'll spend countless hours trying to correct your credit agency profiles. So contact your banks and credit card companies and the post office to give them your new address and instruct them to verify all credit requests by phone.
  4. Protect your fine china, crystal and sterling silver. Believe it or not, these items sometimes disappear and aren't there upon your arrival. Even expensive bowls get removed from moving boxes. Sometimes it takes weeks before you even realize they're gone.
  5. Inventory and be certain about  your jewelry. Gold, silver, and precious stones can easily be pawned or sold for big  money. Thieves can quickly slip items like these into a pocket on moving day. I advise you to put these items in the same box with your medicine cabinet contents; and put them in your carry on bag or a personal bag that's always with you.