Now that we have an Accepted Offer, you will need to know what Steps are next and what you will need to do:

1. The buyer will call for a Home Inspection to be done as soon as possible.

The Home Inspector will check the home for serious structural issues, pests and Radon. Sometimes, a buyer many want to get a quicker Radon result.  If you are interested in receiving information for this, please let us know and we will provide you with all the information  necessary.




EPA guidelines require Radon Levels to be 4.0 or lower.  If it is higher, then a Radon Mitigation System is required.




2. Radon Mitigation Systems are common especially if there is a ledge around the premises.  Some builders will automatically put these in on New Home Construction. Sellers can agree to install, or get an estimate for one, and make a dollar adjustment in the price.


3. Obtain an Attorney  Both the Seller and Buyer need to have an attorney draw up a P&S (Purchase & Sale Agreement).  A copy of the signed, and agreed upon offer will also need to be given to both attorney's. If you are in need of an attorney, we have a list of trusted professional attorney's on our website, just follow this link:  Attorney's


4. Purchase & Sale Agreement  The P&S is done 10 Business Days from the accepted offer. If anything is revealed on the inspection, it will be negotiated and included in the P&S.  When the P&S is agreed upon by the Buyer's Attorney,  it needs to be signed and the additional 5% paid (Minus the $1000 deposit),

5. If the Accepted Offer was a NO MORTGAGE, you are done with the buyer until the walk-through at closing.   Otherwise, and more typical, is the Buyer's contingency to get a mortgage commitment.  The Buyer's bank or lender will send out an appraiser prior to that approval date.
6. Call the Fire Department and schedule them to come out and check the SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE monitors.  They need to be in the correct positions and in working order. You must also have the required number of monitors per square footage of your home.  The certificate is usually $50 and is made out to the township. You cannot close without this certificate! 
7. Notifications:
* One week prior to closing, notify the town Water & Sewer services for a final reading . Once completed, pay the bill. Submit the receipt to your attorney who will make adjustments for it at the closing.
* Notify the Cable, Satellite & Alarm companies that you are moving.
* Go to the Post Office and fill out a 'Change of Address" card.  Send out "New Address" cards to Family & Friends.
* Notify your Credit Card companies, monthly publications and other merchants of your change in address.
* It's BEST to leave the extra keys, garage door remotes & appliance manuals in the kitchen so that they don't get packed!
Remember, the home must be "Broom Clean" for the final walk-through before closing. 
Nothing can remain in the home, so take any paint cans, tiles, wood, etc, out of the house  unless the buyer requests that you leave it for them.