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How To Throw A Great Super Bowl Party!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Although the Super Bowl is not going to be as much fun this year, with our beloved New England Patriots out of contention, we are still going to "whoop it up" and have a great time.  Like always, we are going to decorate, and make lots of great food....but we are also adding a great dimension by having our own TEAM LYNCH SUPER BOWL PARTY CONTEST!  What does that entail, you ask?  Not a whole lot, we came up with the set of questions below to have all our family, friends and acquaintances answer and post their answers to our Facebook Page by Saturday, February 1 at 5:00 pm. Make sure to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK when you're there!

                                     We challenge all of you to have the most correct answers!



1.Which team will win, and what will be the final score of game?

2. Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

3. Who will be ahead at half time, and what will the score be?

4. Which Team will have the most rushing yards? How many?

5. Which QB will throw the most touchdown passes, and how many will he throw?



We all have our favorite party foods, but let's face it....if you serve'll go down in Super Bowl Food history!!  Add in a few other appetizers, sweets and a fabulous, signature Super Bowl cocktail, and you'll be on your way to having the Best Super Bowl party ever!!



Let's face've got a ton of choices here, so we went with some of the basics.  But get creative, and have some fun!


What are your predictions for the game???




3 Questions to Ask Before Your Kitchen Remodel

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

The Spring Housing Market Starts NOW in Wellesley & Metrowest Boston MA

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

If you are thinking of buying or selling  a home in Wellesley & Metrowest Boston CT your best opportunity could be right now... in January!  Yes, it is cold outside, and rainy, but mortgage interest rates are most likely at their lowest levels for 2014.

The interest rate on a 30 year mortgage, if you were to obtain your loan today, is 4.51%...but predictions show the rates rising by year-end to the 5.75% level.  It is even better for the 15-year mortgage as it is at 3.56% today.  Getting into the housing market early this year is going to make all the difference in the world when it comes to costs. Rates like this make it feasible for Wellesley & Metrowest home buyers and refinancing homeowners, to eventually live mortgage free!

However, with the Fed announcing the pull back of the stimulus packages of the past year, the rates will start climbing soon.  In addition to mortgages and rates, inventory of homes will be a key component in buyers being able to obtain their desired residence.  At present, the Wellesley & Metrowest housing inventory is somewhat low...So homeowners thinking of putting their home on the market, will want to do so now.  This way they are guaranteed more of a "sellers market" and a better chance at getting the asking price of their home. Buyer demand and limited inventory does drive up prices...and the peak selling season is NOW!

Take a look at the most recent Wellesley MA Market Update below:

For more information about the wonderful Wellesley & Metrowest homes for sale, or to learn about our unique Team Marketing & Selling plans, give us a call!  Our knowledge and experience in the Wellesley area marketplace combined with our client satisfaction program will give you the confidence that Team Lynch Real Estate is the only place to call  for all your real estate needs.  Let Team Lynch be your guide to all Wellelsey & Metrowest Real Estate.


Massachusetts Real Estate Skyrocketed in 2013....What Does That Mean for 2014?

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

In Massachusetts, and our Wellesley & Metrowest Boston area, the housing market had a banner year in 2013.  Home sales and prices hit numbers that haven't been seen in a while...But what does that mean for 2014?   Experts agree that 2014 will be a year that sees continued growth and stabilization in the housing market, with home prices rising, greater activity among underwater homeowners, and fewer foreclosures.

What is important to note is that to buy a home in the 2014 marketplace, you will need incredible credit or have the ability to put together a cash offer.  In November of 2013, the average FICO score for conventional home loans was 756, while the average score for denied applications was 729.  Don't expect the credit standards to loosen up anytime soon, with the new regulations from Dodd-Frank, lenders will be closely monitored to prevent risky products from entering the marketplace.

Still, even Warren Buffett is smiling about the state of the housing market, and knows the numbers will continue to climb- offering many individuals the opportunity to own a home.  What does that mean for the Wellesley & Metrowest area?  Sticking with the 3 elements to home ownership;

1- Fixed Mortgage

2- Affordable Payments

3- Long-term Hold

‚ÄčIf you are looking to buy or sell in the Wellesley MA & Metrowest Boston area....NOW IS THE TIME TO ENTER THE MARKET!  Know what you want, do the research on the home and area you desire, and put together a plan and budget of how you will achieve your goal.

Team Lynch has the knowledge, technology and Real Estate Experience to bring together your dream home...and YOU.  Give us a call today to develop your personal marketing or sales plan.




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