With the doors scheduled to open for the brand new Wellesley High School next February, plans are already in the works to pay tribute to the 73 year old Wellesley High School building, which has been home to so many fantastic memories for many generations of Wellesley residents.  

The inspiration for the event comes from other metrowest towns like Newton and Natick who have undergone similar construction projects in recent years and paid homage to their old schools prior to demolition.

With the real estate occupied by the current building set to become a parking lot for the new school next February.  Wellesley will be dedicating the entire Thanksgiving week this November to honor the old school by bringing home prominent Alumni for a series of seminars. As well as inviting current and former Wellesley athletes, performers, and educators to come and say farewell with dance events, and an open house where participants can buy old uniforms, parts of lockers, or other pieces of their high school past.  And finally closing out the event with a Turn Out the Lights theatrical, musical gala.

All of this will surround the annual Thanksgiving day game against Needham, which happens to be a home game for Wellesley this year.

Look for this to be a widely celebrated community event!