You've decided to Sell your Metrowest home this summer....BRAVO!  That's a fantastic decision! As you go through the many different tasks to get your home ready to be put on the market, don't forget one of the most important, it's face. Well, not literally, but truly it's first impression it's going to make to your potential home buyers when they drive-by your home, come to a showing or open house, or even the first photo they usually see as a 'Listing Photo'...the front of your home.  We call it 'CURB APPEAL'!

In the summer we have so many fantastic choices to create award winning curb appeal, but the basics are always the we'll start there:

1) Pride of Ownership- Nothing puts a potential home buyer more at ease than driving up to a home that shows an owners 'pride of ownership' from the moment you see the home, and it all starts with the state of the exterior of the home.

2) Homes Exterior- Choose your upgrades carefully. Siding is largest visible surface on your home. Make sure to power wash the entire surface and make any necessary repairs before putting your home on the market. Windows & Screens should also be perfectly cleaned and windows should sparkle (yes I did say sparkle!). If your siding is a hideous color, painting then becomes a serious consideration! 

3) Front Door & Porch- This is an area where you can introduce some pops of color and have a little bit of fun! First make sure you have thoroughly cleaned all surface areas. Once you've accomplished this, then evaluate your front door. A New Front Door has one of the greatest ROI's. If your's is looking a little rough, then this is a great area to invest....and you may want to look for a fantastic complementary color. Again, don't get wild and crazy, we're talking complimentary, not outrageous. Once that's chosen take a look at the porch and decide if you need to repaint any railings or decking. Then you can choose whether a chair, table, rug or other fun, small, uncluttered choices would be a nice touch for your "Welcome" area.

4) Lighting- Do you have adequate lighting on your front porch? How about Landscape Lighting? Have you enhanced any area of the yard that you'd like to highlight? Get rid of dated fixtures and take advantage of outdoor living! Home Buyers rate the yard as 25% of their decision in the summer months! If your yard is a big selling point, don't let it go to waste! Illuminate your walkways as well.

5) Landscaping- Todays homeowners and home buyers love outdoor living and take pride in having their yards landscaped. Take time to give your yard extra attention. If you don't have a lot of extra money to spend, concentrate on the front yard first. Consult a landscaper or even a local garden center and ask for lower cost alternatives that can be implemented for a great look and flow. Add a few solar lights for a walk-way and you'll have a beautiful front yard before you know it....without having to spend a fortune.

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