Hosting a successful Open House isn't  rocket science...but there are some tips I can share that will make it a success!

 Advertise....a lot!  You want everyone to know, so newspapers, flyers and definitely online!

2. Put out LOTS of signage.  This may sound like a given, but it's so important.  Signs should go all over, and not just in your own neighborhood.

3. Invite your neighbors. Yes, you heard that right..and they want to come anyway!

4. Sign-in Sheet. This will allow you to follow up with anyone that came through, and follow-up is key!

5. Give a Take-away.  Make sure you have a flyer with photos and all the pertinent information.

6. Set the time for the Open.  Since most people expect open houses to be on Sunday afternoon, take advantage of that fact and maximize your success.

7. Food & Water.  Although these are not necessary, the smell of fresh baked cookies always make people feel like they're at "home".  Water is necessary because many people will have been out all afternoon.

8. Lighting. You need to make sure your home looks light and bright. Open blinds, turn on lights in darker rooms and play up the special points of your home.

9. Be Prepared.  Make sure you are organized in all aspects and you start on time! You should also check that you have toilet paper on the rolls just in case someone needs to use your bathroom.

10. Have a bright and cheery disposition. If you love your home it be genuinely enthusiastic so each person who visits feels the same.