This officially marks the first weekend of summer....Memorial Day weekend!!  After the long hard winter we had, and spring looking as though it would never come, we're happy to see that the first weekend of summer has officially arrived!  Memorial Day weekend is always so special for so many reasons.  

Most importantly,  for the many men and women who have fought so courageously through the years for this country and the freedom it represents. Sometimes in our busy lives we have a tendency to forget about how much sacrifice has really been made for the basic freedom that we enjoy in our everyday lives. So this year, really make an effort to remember and honor all the family, friends and military veterans- then and now- who have done so much for our country.  

If you would like to participate in area Memorial Day events, here are some of the events from the city of Boston:

1. Massachusetts Military Heroes Garden of Flags

2. 68th Annual Memorial Day Services at Veterans Memorial Park

3. Honor & Tribute:  A Memorial Day Concert on Boston's Waterfront

4. Faneuil Hall Marketplace will have a variety of Street Performers & Events for Memorial Day

Have a safe & happy Memorial Day Weekend!