Congrats Weston!!


With an abundance of historical communities and gorgeous scenery it is hard NOT to love Massachusetts! And with the addition of the state’s commitment to crime prevention, it is no surprise that so many of Boston’s Metrowest towns are listed as some of the BEST cities to live in the state, and also the SAFEST!


We are so thrilled that WESTON made this years’ list of 20 Safest Towns in Massachusetts, coming in at #7!

Besides being incredibly safe, what else makes Weston such a wonderful place to live? Weston is known for its outstanding public schools, whom always rank very high. Additionally the community of Weston offers a beautiful country feel with a plethora of outdoor activities through the Weston Town Forest. Click here to see available homes and land in Weston.

Personal and home safety and comfort are most always top priorities when choosing the best community for families to move, and we would love to help you find the perfect home in one of our safe communities. To see see all current listings please click here.


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