We all know that if your home is in a prestigious neighborhood or has acres of land, that that is what will be your "lead in" for your Home Ad.  But what if you have a great, normal home in Natick? How are you going to set yourself apart from all the other great normal homes in Natick?  That answer is easier than you may think, and that is why you need Team Lynch to sell your Natick home!

Sometimes, in looking for that GREAT aspect of our home to be the focus of our advertising we overlook the basics of what makes our home truly great.  Even though you may have outgrown your home and are starting to see it's flaws...the goal of marketing is to highlight your home to shine in the eyes of your potential buyers.   So start looking at the basics of your Natick home:

1. Storage:  This is something almost every buyer wants and needs. Since many First Time Home Buyers have struggled with not having adequate storage in their apartment life....you'll want to take pictures and highlight all the storage options in your home.

2. Organizational Options:  Hand in hand with storage is organization.  If you have made the investment in built-in or custom closet or kitchen organizer systems, desks, bookshelves, garage systems, etc....You'll want to highlight this in your homes listing along with great photos of each.

3. Location: To you the location of your home to area restaurants, shopping and activities may seem obvious so you don't feel the need to spell it out in the ad.  That would be a mistake because not everyone is familiar with the area and will know to search within that area for your home.  People relocating to the area will not have ANY of this information and NEED to have it- it could be the difference between seeing your home or not, or your proximity to a college, employer etc could put you at the top of the list simply because you took the time to list location details.
4. Energy:  Even buyers who don't identify themselves as "Green Buyers" will still be looking at the energy efficient features of the home.  You'll want to list the windows, doors, and appliances.  Your home may not be completely off the grid, but every little bit helps...and saves money...so market it.
5. Senior Friendly Features:  Many families are now moving aging family members in with them.  This has made the search for homes with in-law suites or senior family features like: single story layouts, level-in entrance (no stairs) and low maintenance landscaping. Even extra bedrooms with a bath need to be marketed as such.  This is a new direction in the way that Americans are living so it makes a great lead in for marketing.
6. Mini-Green Features:  There are plenty of buyers out there that are attracted to ANY green features.  So don't underestimate your little organic backyard garden, a small compost bin and recycling machines.  All these deserve a small amount of marketing in your ad's because they WILL appeal to a group of individual buyers.
7. Natural, Chemical-Free Home Maintenance:  To continue on from above, have you installed a hypoallergenic HVAC system?  Do you use chemical free cleaning supplies?  These are all fantastic things for you, your home and any potential buyer....and another area you NEED to market. Think of families with children, knowing a home is taken care of in this way gives them peace of mind for their little ones health.
Bottom line, just because you have a wonderful, NORMAL NATICK HOME, doesn't mean you don't have anything special to offer your buyers.  It means you just need to look at the basics of your home and have a strong Real Estate team working with you. At  Team Lynch we do this and so much more. We will find everything that sets your home apart from the others.  Our personalized marketing plans and strategies, along with our unique team approach is what will sell your home in the shortest period of time for the MOST AMOUNT OF MONEY.  Give us a call today.