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Metrowest MA Energy Saving Tips for the Winter Weather Season

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants


For many of us in Wellesley, Natick, Needham & Weston the winter season brings visions of the holidays, winter sports and nights sitting around the fireplace wrapped up in a comforter sipping on our favorite hot drinks. For others it causes headaches and sleepless nights of cold or worries over a soaring energy bill.

Instead of worrying, there are things that can be done to limit the damage to our wallet, and still keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the winter months.  Here are some “easy to do” energy saving tips to try:

  • GET A HOME ENERGY AUDIT-most companies will do this for free.
  • REPLACE BROKEN WINDOWS & DOORS                                           
  • SEAL ALL LEAKS IN YOUR HOME- including where cables & pipes come into the home and around sump pump.
  • WEATHERSTRIP- Windows & Doors                                                                    
  • ADD ADDITIONAL INSULATION to attic, basement, exterior walls.

A few other things to do ……:

  • Unplug all unused appliances,  and electrical components
  • Use Energy Star Products
  • Install Programmable Thermostats
  • Always turn off lights in rooms not being used
  • Turn down thermostat at night time
  • Make sure curtains are open during daytime (Sunshine) hours
  • Clear all Heating Vents of furniture or blocks of any kind

Keep in mind that if you are planning on selling your home, buyers are very conscience of energy costs associated with a home. Buyers will always ask for the prior heating and cooling records for that home. Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will not only help you, but will also help you sell your home at a later time. Buyers at this time are not just looking for the home to be the “beautiful home” on the outside….they need it to be the “energy efficient” home on the inside for them to grab it when it goes on the market.  

If you are a Metrowest homeowner and find yourself in need of assistance this home heating season, follow this link for more information:  MASS ASSIST

If you're interested in more tips or information on becoming a homeowner in the Metrowest MA area give us a call, stop in our office or check out our website at                                                      


Halloween Activities for the Metrowest Suburbs!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Halloween is just around the corner! Get ready for a weekend full of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins. If you want a good scare, walk through the halls of “The Sanatorium of Horror” at 67 Whittier Road in Wellesley. This haunted attraction is sure to make you go crazy! 

If your little monsters aren’t quite ready for a haunted house, there are plenty of events around town to keep them smiling this Halloween. Dress up in your favorite costume and march down Washington Street for the annual Halloween Trick or Treat Parade on October 25th. The parade will be followed with kid-friendly activities in Clock Tower Park.

Wellesley Middle School will be the site for the highly anticipated Kiwanis Pumpkin Race!  Oct. 26, from 10am-noon, build, decorate and race the fastest pumpkin on wheels! This is always such a fantastic, fun event for everyone! Award Categories are: Most Creative Pumpkin, Best Pumpkin Crash, and Race Winners (Champion, second, and third place).

Enjoy a free Halloween party at the Wellesley Library main branch on October 28th at 3:00pm. There will be stories, crafts, treats, and much more!

It's going to be a howlin' good time....just remember to be safe and and have fun! 


Fun Apps To Help You See & Explore New Englands Fall Foliage

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants



If you're like most of us Yankee's, you love getting out and enjoying the Fall weather in our magnificent part of the U.S. It really doesn't get much better than New England, we've been blessed with some of the best scenery and it behooves us to get out of our city cubby holes and explore and enjoy the magnificent Fall foliage.


Since we do this every year we rack up some serious miles in the car and when the grandkids are along I like to find new iphone apps and movies for them to watch so they aren't getting too bored with all our "ooh's and ahh's" at the fantastic colors we pass along the way. While checking some new apps out this year I came across some fantastic ones for us!  And you guessed it....they are for checking out Fall Foliage in New England (well some help you with general directions...but who cares...they're still helpful in our quest)!  So of course we have to share them with you and I know you're going to get a kick out of using them and find them helpful in general too.   Enjoy!


If you have any apps you'd like to review or share with us, post them to our Facebook page.  We'd love to hear about them!  As always.....if you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Metrowest area we are always here to help in any way we can. 


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Tips For Selling Your Metrowest Home in the Fall

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants



The leaves are changing to their beautiful shades of red, orange and gold and the days are getting's Fall in the Metrowest Boston 'burbs!  Well it may not be the most popular season to put your home on the market, there's no reason to wait for spring when the autumn season starts.  People are ready to buy homes year just need to be prepared.

There will most likely be less homes on the market this time of year, so preparing your home ahead of time will allow a fast sale to the right buyer. Most buyers don't want to move when the weather is cold and blustery, if they don't have to, so the fall is your last chance to position your home with those buyers before the winter season moves in.

The Fall season is beautiful in New England and allows for some amazing decorating both inside and out, but it also means that you need to maintain the exterior of your home so that it shows well to each and every potential buyer.  

1. Clean up the Yard. Make sure that the leaves are cleared from the yard regularly and that dead plants and blooms have been cleared.  Shrubs should be cut back as well to give your yard a nice manicured look. This will enhance the overall look of your home from the curb when a prospective buyer pulls up to the curb.

2. Clear deck furniture off for the season and store accordingly and wash deck,& siding of any mildew, mold that has accumulated with the change of season. This is also the time to put on the storm doors and windows and make sure all windows and sparkling clean for your potential buyers.

3. Embrace the Fall season! Most people love the fall color and the anticipation of the coming holidays. Decorating your home with seasonal arrangements of flowers, scented candles, or pumpkin & spice potpourri can really add warmth inside. Adding  lovely Mums to the front porch gives a splash of color that helps create great curb appeal. But DON'T over do it!  A little goes a long way.

4. You NEED the right Real Estate Agent! There's a reason you're selling in the Fall, and you need the agent who is experienced, and knows your area well, knows how to price your home and what it takes to sell your home now. Be serious about asking the right questions so you find the right agent for your needs.  Ask around and get referrals.

5. Keep it Light & Bright. The seasons are changing and that means that the sun is setting much sooner in the day.  It is critical to make sure that you have adequate lighting in place in all rooms. Your potential buyers need to be able to see each room clearly, every area, at all times of the day. Ask your real estate agent for tips on showcasing your rooms best asset's and how to do that at the different times of day.

6. Make sure your House is Priced Right. Fall is the time of year when your home needs to be priced right from the start. Some people think it needs to be priced lower to sell in the fall and winter seasons, but that is simply not true!  It needs to be priced competitively with the market. This is why you need to rely on your real estate agent to know the market and to price your home accordingly. 

Lastly, be prepared to move!  Once your home sells you need to be ready to move. When people buy in the Fall they want to be able to get into their new home quickly before the weather turns bad. So make sure that you have your plan in place and that once you have the offer on your home, you have set the wheels in motion and will be ready to move when your buyers are ready to get into your home.



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