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Memorial Day Remembrance

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Memorial Day is THIS MONDAY! And while this long holiday weekend most often signifies the beginning of summer with the kids out of school, pools opening, picnics and BBQs with friends and family, and overall celebration, we must remember WHY we have this holiday. Memorial Day is here for us to remember the sacrifice made by men and women who have served our country in order for us to enjoy the freedom that is so important to Americans. So please remember to take a moment to thank our veterans this weekend, and every day.

On This Memorial Day

By Emily Toma

Remember those who served before.

Remember those who are no more.

Remember those who serve today.

Remember them as we eat and play.

Remember our protectors-

who are not home today.

Remember them all on Memorial Day.

UPCOMING EVENTS in Wellesley and Natick

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Take a look at what’s happening in town the next few weeks in Wellesley and Natick. As you can see, spring is off to a fun start!

May 20th-May 21st

Relay for Life of Weston and Wayland: 6:00pm-6:00am at the Weston High School Track (444 Wellesley Street). SIGN UP for this overnight event to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, education, and patient services. Music, food, games, and entertainment will be provided.

May 20th-May 22nd

West Side Story: 8:00pm-10:30pm at The Perrin Theatre, Keiter Center for the Performing Arts in Natick.

Saturday, May 21st

UU Wellesley Spring Carnival: 10:00am-4:00pm at Elm Park in Wellesley Hills. Bring the family for this fun event, which includes classic carnival games, music, concessions, and more!

Sunday, May 22nd

Wonder Run 5K Race: 8:30am-10:30am at Wellesley High’s track. Click here to register.

Thursday, June 2nd

Twilight Garden Party: The Gardens at Elm Bank 20th Anniversary Celebration: 6:00pm-8:30pm at Elm Bank Reservation. Live music, specialty farm to table hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Purchase tickets here ($85)


If you're interested in Buying, Selling or Investing in Wellesley, Natick, or any other MetroWest Community, give Team Lynch a call or visit our website at:


Housing Market Snapshot

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Home Buyers are actively looking for homes NOW! If you've considered SELLING your Metrowest Home this year, give us a call!

There is one thing that almost every single person strives for in life…. HAPPINESS! And we are HAPPY to announce that NEEDHAM (#3) and WELLESLEY (#7) made the top ten!!

So how do you determine what makes people happy? It has to be how much money they have, right? NO!! To come up with the list of happiest towns in Massachusetts, career expert Zippa took 115 towns over 2,000 people and used SEVEN pieces of criteria to analyze... (1) being well educated, (2) having a job, (3) short commute to work, (4) low cost of living, (5) having a family, (6) owning a home, and (7) low poverty rate.

Research found that Needham (with a population of 29,540) has 80.2% of it’s people owning a home and 62.6% of the adult population is married.  Being situated only ten miles from Boston and having five train stops throughout town, also makes Needham an excellent city for commuters! In the beautiful tree-lined town of Wellesley (population of 28,858), 78% own a home and 54.6% of adults are married. This community was also recently named one of the “Best Places to Live,” with its high quality of education in Wellesley’s public school being a large contributor to that.

Congrats to Needham and Wellesley for making your communities such HAPPY places to live!

Click here to view entire article.

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Mortgage Rates Remain at Historic Lows!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

The latest report from Freddie Mac shows that the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 3.61% last week, slightly down from the week before (3.66%), and nearly 20 points lower than a year ago (3.80%).

Get the new rates and learn more by clicking here: Historic Low Mortgage Rates

Best Restaurants in Boston’s Metrowest for Mother’s Day Brunch!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

It’s time to celebrate Mom!

THIS SUNDAY is Mother’s Day and if you have not already made plans to celebrate your mom, don’t fret, it’s not too late! A fun and delicious brunch to thank your mom over a mimosa or a cappuccino may just be your perfect solution!

Here are some ideas of restaurants in the community to take your mom on Sunday:

Blue on Highland in Needham

The Cottage in Wellesley

3 Squares in Needham

The Pantry in Natick

The Local in Wellesley

Gourmet Decisions in Natick

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day brunch spot?!

A big thanks to all the Mother’s in the community for everything you do!

Top 100 Safest Cities in Massachusetts! Weston ranks in the Top 20 for Mass!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants

Congrats Weston!!


With an abundance of historical communities and gorgeous scenery it is hard NOT to love Massachusetts! And with the addition of the state’s commitment to crime prevention, it is no surprise that so many of Boston’s Metrowest towns are listed as some of the BEST cities to live in the state, and also the SAFEST!


We are so thrilled that WESTON made this years’ list of 20 Safest Towns in Massachusetts, coming in at #7!

Besides being incredibly safe, what else makes Weston such a wonderful place to live? Weston is known for its outstanding public schools, whom always rank very high. Additionally the community of Weston offers a beautiful country feel with a plethora of outdoor activities through the Weston Town Forest. Click here to see available homes and land in Weston.

Personal and home safety and comfort are most always top priorities when choosing the best community for families to move, and we would love to help you find the perfect home in one of our safe communities. To see see all current listings please click here.


If you're interested in Buying, Selling or Investing in the Weston and Metrowest Communities, give Team Lynch a call or visit our website at:


GOT Books, Music, Clothes, and other Stuff Cluttering your Home or Office? DONATE THEM!

by Team Lynch Real Estate Consultants






























Are you getting ready to move, or maybe just spring cleaning your home and trying to get rid of unused or unwanted things? DONATE THEM instead of just throwing them into the trash!  Gently used items are needed by so many people, and Big Hearted Books and Clothing, Inc will even come to your home and pick them up for you!  Just make sure to check out the lists above to know what "is and is not" an acceptable donation.

Spring Cleaning or De-Cluttering your home doesn't get easier than that!  So start your project today...then give Big Hearted Books and Clothing a call!  HAPPY SPRING CLEANING!

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